Best Countries for Digital Nomads: Finding Remote Work and a New Home373
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Best Countries for Digital Nomads: Finding Remote Work and a New Home

How would you feel if you could work from home and anywhere in the world? Indeed, many things have changed since the COVID-19 epidemic, including how we operate. Working entirely remotely is one of the best strategies to survive the epidemic 👨‍💻 It provided the possibility, and many people found that it was more effective. This provided us with a previously unavailable chance.

That is exactly what the digital nomad lifestyle entails 👩‍💻 While this may not be for everyone, it may be a tremendously gratifying and thrilling new experience for those that are capable.

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This digital nomad lifestyle will help you fill your life with inspiration in between dull, uninteresting, or uninspired employment 👨‍💻

So, if you are seeking a new home and remote work, read on to find out which countries offer digital nomad visas to help you make your goal of living abroad a reality! 👩‍💻



What is a Digital Nomad Life?

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A digital nomad leads a nomadic existence, traveling from place to place while remaining digitally connected 👨‍💻 To roam the country or the world, digital nomads use tools for communication and technology to do jobs remotely.

Some working nomads remain in one place for a long time, establishing roots for a few weeks or months before moving on 👩‍💻 Some people choose to relocate to various nations or cities on a regular basis. They are mobile, working in restaurants, hotel rooms, airlines, and even travel trailers.

Whatever your preferred configuration, a digital nomad lifestyle relies on remote work to readily support trips.



What to Look for in Digital Nomad Visa Nations?

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Choosing which places to visit as a digital nomad might be difficult 👩‍💻 Whether you're looking for a short-term assignment or a long-term residence, ask yourself the following questions to help you select where to go: 

  • Do I meet the minimum income requirements?

  • Will I be able to maintain a decent level of living?

  • How long do I want to stay?

  • What is the climate like?

  • How fast is the internet?

  • Are any co-working spaces or public venues with free wifi suitable for remote work?

  • What language is spoken? Am I interested in learning it?

  • Does the application require proof of insurance?


Even if you only want to stay for a short time, it's important to understand what you're getting into before you get there 👨‍💻 On the other hand, it is also essential that the decision you make is a reason for your happiness. So, are you prepared to choose your next digital nomad location? Let's get this party to begin!



Benefits of the Digital Nomad Life

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What motivates you to become a digital nomad? 👩‍💻 Here are a few of its amazing advantages:

  • Combine the joys of travel and work 
  • More inspiration and motivation
  • Better opportunities for breakthrough ideas
  • Way to stretch your adaptability
  • Flexibility entails being able to choose when, where, and how you work



Considerations when Choosing a Country as a Digital Nomad

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If you are trying to decide which nation is the greatest for a digital nomad this year or in the near future, don't just choose a location at random 👨‍💻 Consider the following while making a decision: 

  • Visa requirements 
  • Reliable Wi-Fi connection
  • Cost of living 
  • Safety 
  • Weather
  • Your travel interests 



10 Best Countries for Digital Nomads

#10 Indonesia

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Indonesia's lovely rural regions are some of the cheapest spots for digital nomads, making them ideal for yogis or anybody wanting an idyllic setting of nature while working 👩‍💻 Canggu, Bali is a popular destination for remote workers; thus, it might get congested.

Your second best choice is Ubud, Bali. If you're on a more limited budget, the island of Lombok and beachside Seseh are excellent options 👨‍💻 With an increase of remote workers choosing Indonesia as their future home base; the nation is working on a 5-year digital nomad visa. 

  • Average Monthly Cost of Living
    • $900-$1,400

  • Required Minimum Monthly Income
    • $2,000

  • Type of Visa
    • B211a Visa

  • Cost of Visa
    • $135 USD for a 60-day single-entry visa


#9 Brazil

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Brazil, one of South America's largest countries, is also an excellent destination for those interested digital nomads 👨‍💻 Brazil has it all whether you live in a vibrant metropolis like Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro or wander off the main road into the Amazon. 

Brazil is also a reasonably priced place to reside 👩‍💻 Look into volunteering at an NGO and assisting with landscaping, creating artwork, decorating, and art for a one-of-a-kind cultural immersion while living in Brazil as a digital nomad. You could even pick up some new abilities here.

If you intend to stay in Brazil for an extended length of time, we have wonderful news for you 👨‍💻 Brazil's digital nomad visa can be used for up to a year and is able to be extended for an additional year if you are too attached to the culture and people to depart. 

  • Average Monthly Cost of Living
    • $700-$1000

  • Required Minimum Monthly Income
    • $1,500

  • Type of Visa
    • Digital Nomad Visa

  • Cost of Visa
    • Around $132


#8 Saint Lucia

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Digital nomads with variable income as well as those with a steady wage, are invited for employment and residence in Saint Lucia 👨‍💻 Saint Lucia, located in the Caribbean, is one of the most affordable of the surrounding island resorts, having a lower cost of living than the United States and the United Kingdom. Because of its popularity as a holiday destination, there are numerous flights to and from major US airports, with offers available all year 👩‍💻

  • Average Monthly Cost of Living
    • $1,100-$1,700

  • Required Minimum Monthly Income
    • NONE

  • Type of Visa
    • Non-Immigrant Visa

  • Cost of Visa
    • $46 for a single entry visa
    • $70  for a multi-entry visa


#7 Croatia

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Croatia is a fantastic option to the top European nations for digital nomads, which are sometimes costly 👨‍💻 Zadar, a hamlet outside the country's ancient center, is a hotspot for digital nomads and makes an excellent home base due to its inexpensive accommodation. 

Zagreb, Croatia's capital, is also predicted to become one of Europe's next hotspots for workers who work from home. Croatia offers a one-year residency permit to freelancers and small company owners if you want to stay for a year 👩‍💻 This temporary residency visa, available to non-resident citizens earning $2,300 USD per month, excludes those who hold it from double taxation and may potentially serve as a pathway to Croatian citizenship. 

  • Average Monthly Cost of Living
    • $900-$1,200

  • Required Minimum Monthly Income
    • $2,792 

  • Type of Visa
    • Temporary Stay Visa for Digital Nomads
      • A visa costs $61.31 if applied at a local consulate in the United States and $51.09 if applied in-country.


#6 Spain

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Considering its rich history, leisurely lifestyle, and Mediterranean influences, Spain is a dream trip for most of us 👨‍💻 Unsurprisingly, it's regarded as one of the greatest European nations for digital nomads. L lodging may be rather pricey because it is a famous location, although areas like Gran Canaria are less expensive than cities like Madrid or Barcelona. 

However, the country has opened up to digital nomads by finalizing a unique 5-year visa for any non-resident person 👩‍💻 Its laid-back work culture may not be suitable for people who work tirelessly, but if you're looking for a country that values an appropriate balance between work and personal life, this is the finest digital nomad country for you.

  • Average Monthly Cost of Living
    • $1,110-$1,800

  • Required Minimum Monthly Income
    • $2,777

  • Type of Visa
    • Telework Visa

  • Cost of Visa
    • $190


#5 Portugal

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Additionally to the magnificent scenery of the Algarve area, the beautiful beaches, and the local cuisine, Portugal provides these new distant workers with special visas that allow them to settle in the nation more freely 👨‍💻 Furthermore, the Portuguese are quite pleasant, and the crime rate is low due to a high English proficiency rate. This southern European country's excellent weather and low pollution rate contribute to its allure. 

Portugal has established a visa exclusively for remote workers to replace the old D7 visa due to its popularity among expats 👩‍💻 After that, even more, digital nomads have chosen this nation, and it's easy to understand why: friendly people, a low cost of living, and beautiful beaches are all big draws for location-independent workers.

  • Average Monthly Cost of Living
    • $1,100-$1,600

  • Required Minimum Monthly Income
    • $3,346 for individuals

  • Type of Visa
    • D8 Digital Nomad Visa

  • Cost of Visa
    • $83  for less than one year
    • $100 for more than one year


#4 Mexico

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Mexico is another excellent choice for digital nomads. Mexico is nearby, so flights are inexpensive, and relocating there is simple, particularly if you are going from the United States 👨‍💻 Mexico is also a lovely location. It is a vast nation with a lot to see and do. 

Mexico's typical broadband speed is roughly 46 Mbps, and cities like Mexico City provide wonderful coworking spaces for digital nomads to get things done and meet new people 👩‍💻 Mexico's remote work visa is available for 6 months to 4 years. 

  • Average Monthly Cost of Living
    • $750-$1,000

  • Required Minimum Monthly Income
    • $2,600

  • Type of Visa
    • Temporary Residence Visa for Digital Nomads

  • Cost of Visa
    • $190-$390 depending on visa length


#3 Greece

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Greece boasts Europe's longest coastline and is its southernmost country. Greece is well known for the hundreds of islands dotting the beautiful coastline 👨‍💻 Maquis, a tangle of prickly bushes that don't require much water, covers the Greek countryside. These plants include aromatic herbs. Bird viewing is also popular in Greece.

If you can't leave the Greek way of life, Greece provides a one-year digital nomad visa that may be extended as a resident permit 👩‍💻 If you're searching for something long-term, the initial residence permit is good for two years and may be extended for five years - after five years, you're eligible for permanent resident status.

  • Average Monthly Cost of Living
    • $900-$1,200

  • Required Minimum Monthly Income
    • $3,868 

  • Type of Visa
    • Digital Nomad Visa
  • Cost of Visa
    • $76 


#2 Malta

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With its national 5G coverage and free public wifi places, the lovely island of Malta is great for remote workers - you can work from home or at a local coffee shop while enjoying a pastizzi, a favorite local snack! 👨‍💻 Although it is an island, you will not be secluded. Flights to mainland Europe are inexpensive and frequent, providing an excellent home base from which to travel. 

You must have a foreign job contract, be a proprietor or part-owner of a registered firm, or be a freelancer with overseas contracts to qualify for a remote employee visa 👩‍💻 Applicants must have medical coverage and documentation of temporary lodging in Malta. The duration of processing is estimated to be up to 30 days. The digital nomad visa in Malta is actually valid for one year and can be extended twice for three years.

  • Average Monthly Cost of Living
    • $1,200-$1,600

  •  Required Minimum Monthly Income
    • $2,933 

  • Type of Visa
    • Nomad Residence Permit

  • Cost of Visa
    • $325 


#1 Costa Rica

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A relaxed beachfront and surfing lifestyle, the most beautiful national parks, and incredible perks for digital nomads and remote workers? 👨‍💻 Costa Rica is one of the finest nations for digital nomads since it provides everything a digital nomad may want in a host country. Enroll in their Digital Nomad program to get a one-year extension on your 90-day tourist visa.  

This program excludes you from paying income taxes and allows you to create a national bank account as well as certify your driver's license for usage in the country. Costa Rica has several locations ideal for working from home 👩‍💻 Because Santa Teresa is the most popular, it may be fairly pricey. Liberia is one of the cheapest spots in the country for digital nomads, albeit the connection might be unreliable. 

  • Average Monthly Cost of Living
    • $1,000 - $1,600

  • Required Minimum Monthly Income:
    • Individuals must earn $3,000 monthly, while families must earn $4,000 monthly.

  • Type of Visa
    • Long stay visa with Remote Workers and Service Providers sub-category

  • Cost of Visa
    • $90 upfront with another fee after approval

Finding Remote Work and A New Home

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Becoming a digital nomad may be exciting and frightening 👨‍💻 Moving overseas may appear challenging at first, but once you conquer the early obstacles, you will realize it is the best thing you can do for yourself. That will undoubtedly be the finest experience of your life. 

Finding your ideal remote work location will take some effort, but once you do, your laptop, smartphone, and you will be able to operate as a digital nomad from anywhere 👩‍💻


Best Countries for Digital Nomads Finding Remote Work and A New Home


So, if you wish to work as a digital nomad in this fashion, the information in this article will undoubtedly be extremely helpful to you. Don't hesitate to share this information with your friends who believe it is vital 👨‍💻 Good luck!

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