Condominiums in Bangkok Guide: Everything You Need to Know668
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Condominiums in Bangkok Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) is a hyper-modern city with high-rise buildings wherever you look, situated in a region of the world commonly referred to as the "third world." To put it mildly, the city's real estate and condominium markets are constantly evolving and growing. This implies that expats looking to move to Bangkok or find a new apartment have a wide range of possibilities. 

However, Thai owners who rent out the majority of Bangkok's condos and apartments occasionally speak poor English and cater mostly to Thai clients rather than visitors. Because of this, foreigners must be aware of the best places to search for rental condos in Bangkok. 

In addition, it's important to understand the specifics of renting a condo in Bangkok as it may be a very challenging area for foreigners to navigate. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about condominiums in Bangkok.


🚀 Expat Fact!

Statista reports that Bangkok's new supply of condominiums was almost 7.15 thousand units in the first quarter of 2023.



The Condominium Market in Bangkok

 Condominiums in Bangkok Guide: Everything You Need to Know

The condo market in Bangkok has been booming recently, and prices in the city's center have climbed significantly. Notably, the most significant price hikes have been observed for houses situated in areas like Asoke and Phrom Phong along the BTS line, which has the greatest concentration of opulent homes. 

Developers are increasingly searching for plots of land near the upcoming BTS lines in the periphery and outskirts as the central regions get congested. Similar operations are taking place in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). CBRE anticipates that developments within a 10-minute walking distance of Metro lines will see a yearly price rise of 10% to 20%.

Therefore, there is much room for growth in developing districts with a few stations distant from Asoke, such as Udom-Suk and On-Nut. A growing number of foreign and local developers are constructing new projects in these locations.

To serve the local market, developers focus more on creating apartments on the periphery. However, some developers still build in desirable locations to attract foreign investors, who continue to be a significant market for the sector. 



Bangkok's Finest Luxury Condominiums

Bangkok is a bustling metropolis with hundreds of condominium complexes located practically everywhere. A handful of condo complexes distinguish themselves from the hundreds of others.

Here are some of the greatest luxury condominiums in the city, from international brands that have established themselves in the local market to local developers creating the most opulent residential structures in Bangkok:


#1 The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

The Residences at Mandarin Oriental is one of the finest luxury condos in Bangkok. This opulent condominium with views of the Chao Phraya River was created by the renowned ICONSIAM Superlux Residences and is run by the renowned Mandarin Hotel.

Mandarin Oriental Residences in Bangkok

Room service, concierge service, and round-the-clock CCTV monitoring are always available. It is conveniently close to the upscale shopping center ICONSIAM and directly connects to the BTS Gold line, making it simple to travel to and from the rest of Bangkok.



#2 KHUN by YOO Thonglor

KHUN by YOO is the perfect choice for people looking to purchase a chic, trendy, and contemporary house with opulent amenities and convenient access to downtown Bangkok because of its unique vibe and ambiance. 

Khun by Yoo Thonglor in Bangkok

The penthouse offers expansive views of the neighborhood and is its most sought-after home. 



#3 The Bangkok Sathorn

The Bangkok Sathorn is another fine luxury condo in the city. It is a Land and House Public Company condominium development with around 50 stories and 468 apartments.

Bangkok Sathorn in Thailand

Situated in one of Bangkok's most sought-after neighborhoods—South Sathorn Road—it offers opulent amenities like a vertical retreat, a private garden, a swimming pool, a business lounge, a sky family area, a vertical lounge, and a sky store.



#4 The Bangkok Thonglor

The Bangkok Thonglor, a different project by Land and House Public Company, is situated in the center of the neighborhood, making it simple to access all the amenities.

The Bangkok Thonglor in Thailand

Compared to other high-rise condominiums in the vicinity, this condo's 148 units provide a distinctively private vibe. Every unit has a double-skin facade system, which provides wide balconies, sound-absorbing glass walls, natural insulation, and enhanced safety.



#5 TELA Thonglor

TELA Thonglor is a high-end condominium project situated across from The Bangkok Thonglor. It provides the same convenient access to facilities and simple connectivity. Gaysorn Property, the same company that owns the upscale mall Gaysorn Plaza, is the developer of this condo.

Tela Thonglor in Bangkok, Thailand

Situated just 1.2km from the BTS Thonglor, TELA Thonglor is a straightforward luxury building with facilities and connections as its primary selling points. Its features rival those of the city's most opulent developments.



#6 VITTORIO Sukhumvit 39 (วิตโตริโอ สุขุมวิท 39)

VITTORIO Sukhumvit 39 (วิตโตริโอ สุขุมวิท 39) is a condo and apartment complex that was completed in 2018. This building in Khlong Tan Nuea has around 28 stories and 88 luxurious flats. It was developed by AP Thailand and is regarded as a passion project with the theme "Living in Masterpiece." The structure strongly emphasizes geometry and space to give its rooms more depth. 

Vittorio in Bangkok, Thailand

In addition to its stunning architecture, VITTORIO Sukhumvit 39 (วิตโตริโอ สุขุมวิท 39) has many luxurious common areas and a private elevator for some of its most costly apartments. It also has an access card system.

Other amenities include a steam room, a fully stocked sauna, a fitness center with expansive city views, a hydrotherapy massage system, and an ozone-salt swimming pool. On the top level, there's a social club where residents can unwind and drink every night.



#7 MARQUE Sukhumvit

One of the highest buildings on Sukhumvit Road, MARQUE Sukhumvit, is situated in one of Bangkok's most sought-after neighborhoods. It is in a prime location—just 50 meters from BTS Phrom Phong and a short stroll from The EmQuartier and The Emporium, two of the city's most upscale retail malls.

Marque Sukhumvit Building in Bangkok, Thailand

Top-notch amenities, well-designed units, and striking interiors make MARQUE Sukhumvit one of Bangkok's most sought-after neighborhoods.


🚀 Expat Trivia!

Khaosod (English) says foreign clients transferred 14.7 percent more condominiums in Thailand in the first half of 2023 than they did in 2022.



Essential Benefits of Purchasing a Condo in Bangkok

View Commercial Modern Building Condominium City Downtown Bangkok Thailand

The vibrant city of Bangkok has emerged as a destination for people looking for a well-balanced mix of urban living and cultural diversity. Having a condo in this energetic city has several advantages, so both locals and investors should give it some thought for the following reasons.


  • Excellent Location and Easily Accessible
    • Purchasing a condo in Bangkok entitles you to a desirable piece of property in a constantly bustling metropolis.
    • Many condominiums are ideally situated to offer quick access to commercial areas, points of interest for the arts, and entertainment venues.
    • Your condo is a doorway to everything Bangkok has to offer, whether you're interested in the ancient beauty of Rattanakosin or the busy markets of Sukhumvit.

  • Living Luxury to the Fullest
    • This is another benefit you will get when you purchase a condo in Bangkok. The condo market in Bangkok is known for its opulence.
    • Contemporary condominiums have cutting-edge amenities like fitness centers, infinity pools, and tranquil landscaping.
    • The luxurious furnishings and breathtaking city vistas define conventional notions of comfortable living and provide a way of life representing the city's vibrancy.
  • Astute Investing and Profitability
    • Apart from the instant perks, purchasing a condo in Bangkok is a wise financial decision.
    • The city offers significant returns on investment because of its booming real estate industry and rising demand for high-quality housing.
    • Bangkok's status as a major international city means that your condo's worth will be appreciated with time.



Rental Condo Properties in Bangkok

Aerial View Bangkok Modern Office Buildings Condominium Living Place Bangkok City

Although Airbnb and other such apps make renting out a condo in Thailand easy, it should be remembered that not all condo buildings let foreigners rent out condos for an extended period. This is particularly true in the absence of a managed property service provider who can mediate any problems arising from rentals. Because of this restriction, foreign owners of condominiums frequently keep their units locked up without receiving a reasonable return on their investment. 

Through a reliable and preferred agent, managed property services ensure condo owners are in contact with potential tenants. A managed property service provider's duties extend beyond just matching purchasers; they also take care of the apartment's maintenance when it is vacant. Managed property service providers handle everything from upkeep to repairs, all with the owner's express permission and without continually troubling him.

The range of services provided by managed property management includes informing condo owners about maintenance and tenancy-related concerns, providing tenancy solutions advice, and handling check-in and check-out procedures for tenants who rent the condo for predetermined lengths of time. Most of the time-managed property services are based within the city and have the suppliers necessary to complete all on-site tasks, such as installing fixtures, finishing repairs, and making sure the condo is maintained according to industry standards for health and hygiene.

Additionally, they ensure that any wear and tear after the apartment is rented out is promptly repaired. While the landlord is away and renting out the apartment, they provide the landlord with comfort and convenience without interfering with their ability to discover quick fixes. Typically, managed property service companies operate under contract and receive a nominal fee in exchange for their labor and expertise. A commission, a percentage of the rental fee, or a fixed fee per square foot may be charged by managed property services.

For foreign condo owners, this fee—which is charged for the condo they manage, rent out, and maintain—is typically minimal compared to the income they bring in. 



Finding the Perfect Condominium in Bangkok

Bangkok City Modern Office Buildings

Buying a condominium in Bangkok will provide you access to awesome features like gyms, swimming pools, and security, and they may be situated in desirable and central locations. Furthermore, given the rising value of real estate, purchasing a condo in Bangkok should be a wise financial decision for you.

If you are looking to purchase a property in the growing economy at a fair price, investing in the Bangkok condo market might be a profitable opportunity.


Condominiums in Bangkok Guide: Everything You Need to Know


However, you should be aware of potential roadblocks and work with a professional to guide you through the process of weighing the pros and cons and considering your preferences before deciding whether buying a condo for sale in Bangkok is the best course of action for you.



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